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About Us

The most recent war in Artsakh inspired and prompted our founders Lilit and Nishan Odabashian to create the Facebook page BUY ARMENIAN which propelled into a strong community of 40k members within a short period of time. Subsequently, that very same page inspired this online marketplace. The notion of helping and supporting our motherland, Armenia, in any way possible is not something new for the Odabashian couple. However, it became a priority agenda when they grasped the dire current economic situation in Armenia due to the war and the Covid pandemic. They focused all their time, energy and resources in creating the project and making it into a reality. It may have been the unfortunate war that started this venture, but the Odabashians, along with their Buy Armenian Marketplace team, firmly believe that it is an absolute necessity for the diaspora and the motherland to work hand in hand to secure the survival and prosperity of Armenia.


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