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“Jewel of the World” sterling silver pendant

“Jewel of the World” sterling silver pendant

“Jewel of the World” pendant is the ideological manifestations of the world, life and nature


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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 2.2 cm


In the center of this jewelry piece is the grain (seed), which, first of all, is the symbol of fertility and parent (parent-child bond) or the beginning of life. The grain (seed), as a nucleus of life, bears the ideological meaning of the origin of flora and fauna.

Favorable conditions are required for the sprouting and blooming of a seed. Soil and water are the first two pre-conditions for its development. However, only soil and water are not enough for the growth of a seed. The sun and air are other two essential factors for the continuous life of flora and fauna on earth. This is where the idea of four elements (soil, water, air and sun) emerged. The existence of four elements allows the grain or seed to germinate and develop. They form the conditions for the growth and development of the grain and define its composition and essence. The four elements stand for the symbol of fertility, demonstrating the regularities of growth, the striving for abundant productivity and providing the necessary conditions for life.

Between the four elements are the seedlings from stone fruits, leaves and flowers that demonstrate the eternal cycle of life.

Hence the name of the pendant — “Jewel of the World”, presenting the ideological manifestations of the world, life and nature.

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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 2.2 cm



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