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Nine Candles in a box | Thank You Gift


Nine Candles in a box | Thank You Gift

Favors are beautiful souvenirs given to wedding guests, so that they can have good memories of such a great day.
We can say that favors are a way to share your joy with family and friends.


Sold by: Light Your Home
Shipping From: Armenia
Weight 1.3 kg

There are 9 candles in the box, written “thank you” on each one.
Favor / tarosik / bonbonnieres can also give as: wedding gift, birthday gift, christening gift , guest gift etc.
Candles are made exclusively from harmless paraffin and don’t produce toxic substances during burning.
A candle creates a wonderful atmosphere by spreading a sweet smell.
The aroma is characterized by fruity, floral, vanilla, cinnamon-clove, gardenia notes.
Candle burning time. 6 hours.

Product size: height -5cm, diameter -6cm.

Package: height – 21cm, diameter – 22cm.

Weight 1.3 kg


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