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“AC017” Armenian ornamental tablecloth – TR005


“AC017” Armenian ornamental tablecloth – TR005

Material: Gabardine
Colors: Red
Weight (kg): 0.4 kg + 0.1 kg packing
Packing: has a box
Size (cm): 220 x 30
+ 8 napkins 30 x 30 cm
Product code: TR005


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Shipping From: Armenia
Weight 0.5 kg

The Armenian carpet ornament with its palette leaves no one indifferent. We created the tablecloths using the carpet ornament with its wide range of colors.
Our company offers a wide selection of tablecloths in various sizes. You can use our tablecloths for any occasion.
Tablecloths with Armenian ornaments will add a touch of beauty and atmosphere to your interior.

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Weight 0.5 kg


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