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Armenian doll, Modern Costume of Van

Armenian doll, Modern Costume of Van

Unique model, Armenian modern costume of Van women designed by EmAni. Each doll is wearing ethnic clothes from different region of historical Armenia.

Used materials: Plastic doll, velvet and linen fabric, lace, beads, wooden stand, cotton thread hair, artificial pomegranate.


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Dimensions 33 × 12 × 12 cm

For many years it has been a dream for “EmAni” company to become a famous clothing brand but the dream, which remained in the plans of the distant future for many years was born again during the latest  Artsakh war (September 2020) where an online charity event was organised in the Armenian community of Manchester, Great Britain.  The introductory models of our dolls in national costume were designed and created and the entire proceeds of the charity auction were transferred to Armenia in support of the nationwide fundraising project “‘We are our borders. All for Artsakh”.
After the war, our family living in Armenia, decided to continue this wonderful work with the aim of instilling in Armenian children around the world love for Armenian national, traditional costumes, which are the symbols of Armenian identity.

Armenian Taraz are dominated by the colours of the four  elements of Earth: soil, water, air and fire. According to XIV century Armenian philosopher Grigor Tatevatsi those colours express ” the black of the soil, the white of water, the red of the air and the yellow of the flame”.


Shipping Continents: Europe

Shipping Countries: Australia

Weight 0.150 kg
Dimensions 33 × 12 × 12 cm


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