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Artsakh Carpet


Artsakh Carpet

Handmade carpet made in Artsakh․ This carpet belongs to the series of traditional Armenian carpets.
Code: KC0120208
Size: 216 x 103 cm
Weight: 7,2 kg
Density: 32 x 32 (32 knots per 10 cm)
Node type: double (Armenian)


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Shipping From: Armenia
Weight 7.2 kg

“Artsakh Carpet” company was founded in 2013 in Shushi, Artsakh. We carry out activities in the cities of Stepanakert and Chartar, as well as in Yerevan,Armenia. Our carpets are woven from natural sheep wool, dyed with high quality dyes. All processes are carried out entirely by hand, making each carpet created by our experienced craftswomen, designers and technologists a unique product of artistic inventiveness.

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Weight 7.2 kg


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