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Dried Apricot 250 G Pack

Dried Apricot 250 G Pack

No Added Sugars, No Added Preservatives 

Purest dried apricot you can imagine.

great source of antioxidants, Vitamin A, C and E 

Essential for your Eye health

good for your skin




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No Added Sugars, No Added Preservatives 

Are you trying to lose weight and can’t think of new and healthy on-the-go snacks that would also satisfy the sweet tooth in you? Do you love to snack but are in desperate need of healthy snack options?  Well, look no further! Dried apricots are a great and creative way to keep your sugar cravings at bay while enjoying all the perks of a healthy snack. Dried apricots are rich in vitamins A, C, and E, and only one cup of best dried apricots contains your daily need in vitamin A and about 19% of its iron. Dried apricot also contains fewer quantities of potassium and antioxidants, which have been known to aid lower cholesterol levels and improve digestion. Those were the most prominent dried apricots benefits, but there are many more. 

Other benefits of dried apricots include better-looking skin and healthier eyes. 

These best dried apricots are made without adding any sugar or preservatives, thus making them super diet-friendly. Each pack contains about 40 apricots in about 8.8 oz. 

A great snack for car rides, to have for the kids after school, and why not, for movie nights or small gatherings at home. 

How to use 

You can eat dried apricots at any time of day or night. Keep in mind that there is a fairly high level of fructose content in them. Thus, if you are watching your weight, use them in moderate quantities, preferably in the first half of the day. Also, stop eating the product if you notice any signs of allergic reaction. Overeating apricots may result in mild indigestion or gaslight stomach ache. 

Care Tips 

Store the dried apricots in a dry place and avoid using them after the expiration date.


Weight 0.290 kg


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