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Dry oil Monarda

Dry oil Monarda

Application Instructions: Apply a small amount of oil to dry, clean skin, nail plate, and cuticles as needed. Gently massage it until fully absorbed. Repeat the procedure if necessary. *Exposure to direct UV rays may cause a change in color.

Ingredients: 100% natural composition. Oil of Monarda, Almond oil, Lavender oil, Vitamin E


Shipping From: Armenia
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Dry oil of Monarda(15 ml./52 oz) for nails and skin is a unique product with no analogs! It possesses healing and moisturizing properties. The main difference from regular care products is that dry oil only creates a protective barrier, allowing skin contact with oxygen, which enhances regeneration. Monarda oil, included in the composition, has antiseptic properties, helping to deal with fungal infections. Almond oil has softening, nourishing, and regenerating effects. It is excellent for dry skin, softening and nourishing rough areas, moisturizing, and rejuvenating. Lavender oil contributes to the healing of small cracks, nourishing and moisturizing the skin of the hands, and softening the cuticles. The nourishing properties of vitamin E have a beneficial effect, slowing down skin aging. The product can be used as an additional remedy for treating fungal infections, as a means to combat bacterial microflora, onycholysis, herpes, and psoriasis. In pedicure and manicure, it is excellent for polishing dry skin. In application, it is similar to any other cosmetic oil, leaving no greasy film and being absorbed instantly. It has a pleasant natural scent. Thanks to its liquid consistency, it quickly spreads over the skin’s surface. Suitable for daily use. Contraindications: allergic reactions, individual intolerance, open wounds, and inflammatory processes. Consultation with a specialist is required for dermatological conditions.

Weight 0.07 kg


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