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Eternity Sign bracelet – 14k solid gold – Haverj Bracelet

Eternity Sign bracelet – 14k solid gold – Haverj Bracelet

The Armenian eternity sign, also known as the “Arevakhach,” is a distinctive symbol in Armenian culture, representing the concept of eternity and the interconnectedness of life. Its intricate design features a continuous loop that forms a timeless and unbroken pattern, symbolizing the eternal nature of existence. Widely used in Armenian art and architecture, this symbol holds deep cultural and spiritual significance, reflecting the enduring spirit and resilience of the Armenian people throughout their history.

Materials: 14-carat solid gold
Our 14-carat solid gold items are designed to last a lifetime. As 14k gold does not rust or discolor, you can wear it every day, everywhere.
Length: 17.5cm
Diameter: 1cm


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