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Hand Carved Unique Ornamental Ceramic Plate


Hand Carved Unique Ornamental Ceramic Plate

Charming geometric hand-carved ceramic plate, one of a kind item. Diameter 31cm.


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Sold by: Gishyan Ceramics
Shipping From: Croatia
Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 4 cm

Charming geometric handcarved plate is a one of a kind item, it’s heated in the kiln at temperatures 1000 – 1020 C degrees, during the first and second firing (glazing). All materials

(clay, glazes) are food and dishwasher safe. It took two weeks to be ready. The plate is possible to hang as a decoration but it is for use also. Food safe materials are making it functional (totally dishwasher safe).

Shipping Continents: Europe

Shipping Countries: United States (US), Australia, Italy, United Kingdom (UK), Germany, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Spain, Romania, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Israel, Cyprus, Japan

Shipping States: California (United States (US)), Colorado (United States (US)), New Mexico (United States (US)), Wyoming (United States (US)), Montana (United States (US)), Utah (United States (US)), Arizona (United States (US)), Nevada (United States (US)), Idaho (United States (US)), Oregon (United States (US)), Washington (United States (US)), Kansas (United States (US)), Minnesota (United States (US)), Wisconsin (United States (US)), Illinois (United States (US)), Missouri (United States (US)), North Dakota (United States (US)), Oklahoma (United States (US)), Indiana (United States (US)), Nebraska (United States (US)), Iowa (United States (US)), Michigan (United States (US)), South Dakota (United States (US)), Ohio (United States (US)), South Carolina (United States (US)), New Hampshire (United States (US)), New York (United States (US)), Connecticut (United States (US)), Maine (United States (US)), North Carolina (United States (US)), New Jersey (United States (US)), Georgia (United States (US)), Delaware (United States (US)), Maryland (United States (US)), Rhode Island (United States (US)), Massachusetts (United States (US)), Florida (United States (US)), Virginia (United States (US))

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 4 cm


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