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Pearl Necklace – Solid Gold – Margard Necklace

Pearl Necklace – Solid Gold – Margard Necklace

“Margard” translates to “pearl” in Armenian, and this necklace embodies that timeless elegance.

Delicately designed with a nod to the lustrous pearl, it pays homage to Armenia’s heritage, where pearls symbolize purity and refinement. Whether for a special occasion or daily wear, the “Margard” Necklace adds subtle sophistication and cultural significance to your style.

There’s only one word for this necklace – timelessness. Perfect for any formal occasion or for adding a touch of class to your everyday outfits.

Materials: 14-carat solid gold, imitation pearls
Our 14k solid gold items are designed to last a lifetime. As 14k gold does not rust or discolour, you can wear it every day, everywhere.Total length: 27cm


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Weight 0.1 kg


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