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Spanish classes with Armenian teachers

Spanish classes with Armenian teachers

Do you want your kid to speak Spanish?
This Spanish program is unparalleled.
It’s 1-on-1 & all from the comfort of home.
The one-month course includes 3 times a week 12+ hours of online private training with a certified Spanish teacher for just $90/Month. Make an appointment to meet a talented teacher and discuss your unique goals.


Gitunik Online School DOES NOT charge any commissions. I created Gitunik Online School (Գիտունիկ Առցանց Դպրոց)  to help Armenian children and teachers.  On a charitable basis, we simply help Armenian specialists find jobs, offer quality education to children from the remote regions of Armenia and the Diaspora … For every student from Diaspora, our teachers teach one student from Armenia for FREE (for free classes we choose families that are not able to pay or don’t have a job but their child wants to learn).

You will make the payment directly to the teachers. By taking classes with Gitunik Online School (Գիտունիկ Առցանց Դպրոց) you will help Armenian children get an education while supporting Armenian teachers.

I believe that educating and empowering our youth is a very important cause and we can make this happen together.



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