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Yes, We have Women

Yes, We have Women

Contributions of American-Armenian Women to the United States of America.
Compiled by Stepan B. Partamian

Language: English
Year Published: 2015
Book size: 6 X 9
Pages: 120
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The present volume, which celebrates the contributions of American-Armenian women to the United States, is the fifth in our Yes, We Have series of books.

Awe-inspiring in scope and diversity, the achievements of American-Armenian women pertain to fields of endeavor ranging from military service and political activism to law, and from literature, music, the visual arts, and journalism to the cosmetics and entertainment industries. In all of these spheres, American-Armenian women have excelled with their outstanding service or pioneering ideas, and often been honored with prestigious awards.

Yes, We Have: Women is my first effort in presenting the wondrous accomplishments of American-Armenian women. There will be expanded editions in the future, and toward this goal I would appreciate reader suggestions of new names, biographies, and photographs for inclusion in forthcoming volumes.

Yes, We Have: Women is also the first in a planned series of books which will be dedicated to specific fields of achievements by American-Armenians, men and women alike, with titles including Yes, We Have: Art, Yes, We Have: Politics, and others. For these volumes, too, I would appreciate well-informed and accurate reader suggestions.

Finally, I would like to remind our readers that the Yes, We Have series, like many projects I have launched in recent years, is a genuine labor of love. I have dedicated a good part of the past ten years to researching and compiling these books, without the benefit of any institutional support. This is an individual initiative, a project which, I hope you agree, deserves broad grassroots support, and one which we can all be proud of, as Americans of Armenian descent.


Stepan B. Partamian

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 cm


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